Delsom Estates

Delsom Estates purchased over 500 acres in North Delta in the mid-fifties and has dedicated decades to developing the land. Their vision for the final 100 acres was to create a beautiful, sustainable community offering a pedestrian lifestyle. This master-planned community – Sunstone – is now in the final stage of development, and Delsom Estates is proud to successfully complete what has become the most sought-after place to live in North Delta.

Landscape Architect


PWL is a leading Vancouver-based landscape architectural firm with 40 years of experience in planning and designing public and private spaces both locally and internationally. Their work integrates social and environmental benefits with innovation and imagination.


Peak Construction Group

The Peak Construction Group of Companies has been building wood frame and concrete multi-family residential projects throughout the Lower Mainland since 1991. Their expertise in engineering, cost-efficient design and quality construction is well respected.


Raymond Letkeman Architects

Sunstone Village is designed by the same award-winning architect that brought the rest of the Sunstone community to life. Over the past 30+ years, Raymond Letkeman Architects has built an impressive portfolio that includes multi-family residential and resort communities throughout Canada and the United States.

Interior Design

Creative DesignWorks

Creative DesignWorks is a progressive multi-talented award-winning team with vast expertise in all aspects of residential and commercial interior design. Innovative thinking and meticulous attention to detail are evident in every project.